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St. Patrick's Day Gold Coin Basket Set with Protector

Original price $128.00
Original price $128.00
Original price $128.00
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Current price $117.00

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According to Irish folklore, leprechauns guard a pot of gold coins located at the end of each rainbow. Our charming St. Patrick's Day Gold Coin Basket was inspired by this heartwarming tale. The round tray features a solid maple board bottom featuring a four-leaf clover. Four-leaf clovers have been used for thousands of years as a symbol of luck, prosperity, and good fortune. Our St. Patrick's Day Gold Coin Basket can be used as a small serving tray or a wall accessory all year round. We wish you luck finding your pot of gold with your Gold Coin Basket.

Includes: Basket and Protector

  • 6" D x 1.5" H
  • Each handcrafted basket features the Longaberger, Dresden, OH, USA burn and the weaver's initials and production year
  • Handcrafted in Dresden, OH
  • Basket Care Instructions: Easily clean basket with a dry brush
  • Protector Care Instructions: Wash with warm soapy water. Not for use in the microwave or dishwasher
The Longaberger Company was established in 1973, continuing the basket-weaving tradition that began in Dresden, OH in 1896. Longaberger is still continuing the art of basket making in the village of Dresden, America's Basketmaking Capital. We welcome you to visit us at our home in Dresden at our General Store located at 600 Main Street. You can then take a walk down to the Workshop to witness the process of basket making and see our skilled artisans at work.