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Fall Orange Cornucopia Basket

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Original price $151.00
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For thousands of years, the Cornucopia, also known as the horn of plenty, has been a symbol of abundance and nourishment. During Thanksgiving, Cornucopia Baskets are frequently brought out to showcase the abundance of nature in the fall. The Longaberger Cornucopia Basket is a graceful, handcrafted design that serves as the perfect centerpiece for your autumn table. It can be easily filled with an assortment of fruits, flowers, nuts, and berries to create a beautiful display.

Includes: Basket ONLY

  • 8.5"Dáx 14"L
  • Each handcrafted basket features the Longaberger, Dresden, OH, USA burn and the weaver's initials and production year.
  • Handcrafted in Dresden, OH
  • Basket Care Instructions: Easily clean basket with a dry brush