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Easter Egg Tray

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Original price $151.00
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Deviled eggs have been a beloved Easter tradition in America for generations. It is often observed that every family has their own favorite recipes. Our Easter Egg Tray is a unique design that functions as both a serving basket and a deviled egg tray, using an innovative protector. The white-stained basket features a solid maple board bottom, woven sides, and is shaped like an egg. The plastic protector has 12 egg-shaped indentations that can hold up to a dozen deviled eggs. The Easter Egg Tray can also be used as a delightful decorative accessory or a serving tray.

Includes: Basket Only

  • 11"L x 13"W x 3"H
  • Handcrafted in Dresden, OH
  • Basket Care Instructions: Easily clean basket with a dry brush