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Black 1896 Bowl Basket

Original price $62.00
Original price $62.00
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The 1896 Collection represents the rich history, current innovations, and future potential of basket weaving. It is a tribute to the iconic American brand and the crafters who have helped shape its legacy. Through this collection, we honor our roots, inspire the aspirations of our artisans, and showcase our creativity in every basket woven with Longaberger.

This innovative open-weave pattern is a beautiful design element of this collection.  The Bowl Basket makes a striking design statement on a shelf or table.  Transform it into a fashionable serving bowl with its protector. This bowl is perfect for all seasons and can be filled with a variety of bountiful produce or floral arrangements.

Each handcrafted basket features the Longaberger, Dresden, OH, USA burn and the weaver’s initials and year.

  • Basket Only
  • 10" D x 4.5" H
  • Handcrafted in Dresden, OH
  • Basket care Instructions: Easily clean basket with a dry brush.