Coming soon: the Longaberger Family Program

For decades, the Longaberger brand has stood for family, community, and opportunity. We value all of the Longaberger leaders and sales associates as well as new prospective members and will soon invite you to becoming a Longaberger Family Member with an easy sign-up opportunity.

For a limited time, we will be inviting members of the Longaberger community to join for $49 annually that will provide you a 20% commission for your sales for all Longaberger products and select other brands, including purchases for yourself through (effectively a 20% discount on any purchases). We will also be offering a 5% over-ride on the sales of new Longaberger Family Members who you recruit to join.

Your Longaberger Family Membership will not only provide you a SIMPLE shopping, selling, and sponsoring opportunity, but you will also be enabled with advanced SMART web technology in the form of a personalized web platform that you can customize for your customers with an easy connection to your SOCIAL networks.

Please note that customers must purchase items through your custom website on in order for you to earn commissions. For additional questions about the new Longaberger Family program, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

We’re excited to start to building the Longaberger community, and would like to notify you when the Longaberger Family program launches. Please sign up for our newsletter to join the list.

This program is coming soon! We’re excited to have you here as part of the Longaberger Family and community.

Welcome home!

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