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Gorongosa National Park, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, is located in the heart of central Mozambique - a region that suffered a 17-year civil war. The Gorongosa Restoration Project is a groundbreaking conservation model that directly supports the people, wildlife and ecosystem of the Park.

100% of profits support the Gorongosa Restoration Project

In 2004, Greg Carr, a successful entrepreneur and friend of the Longaberger family, embarked on one of the largest natural restoration projects in Africa to try to restore the beautiful Gorongosa Park in Mozambique which had been ravaged by a 17-year war. In addition to providing funding to restore the park, Greg’s vision was to create a positive impact on the local communities in the region to provide sustainable income, protect women, and restore the park’s animals and ecosystem to its stunning beauty. The Longaberger community has banded together to help with Greg’s efforts in the past, including donating used clothing to women in the region.

Gorongosa Coffee was borne of his vision to provide such a sustainable future for the community, and in 2014 Greg introduced a unique coffee plant, Gorongosa Green, to the region, and began to teach local people how to grow and harvest the beans.

Today, you can help support Greg’s mission. When you buy Gorongosa Coffee, not only are you purchasing some of the finest coffee in the world, but 100% of Gorongosa’s profits from each bag sold supports local efforts to re-plant trees, restore the animal population, support the rights of local women or provide sustainable income for people who live in the region.


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