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Happy Holidays
from Coca-Cola®

Enjoy the iconic elements of Coca-Cola with the craftsmanship and history of Longaberger.

The Coca-Cola Cooler Basket Set

Handwoven Polar Bear White basket with iconic, red Coca-Cola Dynamic Ribbon device

Hardwood maple lid with Coca-Cola logo

Waterproof, plastic protector

Perfect for any picnic, beach trip, backyard gathering and more!

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The Coca-Cola Polar Bear Basket Set

Handwoven Polar Bear White basket featuring a Coca-Cola Red scarf

Hardwood maple lid in the shape of the Polar Bear’s face

Plastic protector

Plush Polar Bear ornament

Available in small, medium, and large, or purchase the whole family!

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The plastic protector conserves the integrity of the basket and increases its functionality


Each basket is handwoven in America


An authentic, one-of-a-kind product, from two iconic brands

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