Organic Bedding Set


The complete wool bedding set contains all-season bedding pieces that are filled with Climate Beneficial wool and covered in 100% certified organic cotton fabric. The wool comforter is hand-knotted about every nine inches and can be used with a duvet, comforter cover, or alone. The Mattress Topper (approximately 2.5 inches thick) is also knotted approximately every nine inches with elastic straps to secure to all mattress profiles. The wool batting used inside our pillows will compress about 1/3 of its original loft and offers firm support with gentle cushioning.

  • Twin Comforter, Mattress Topper, 1 Standard Pillow
  • Double Comforter, Mattress Topper, 2 Standard Pillows
  • Queen Comforter, Mattress Topper, 2 Queen Pillows
  • King Comforter, Mattress Topper, 2 King Pillows
  • Made In America
  • Not Eligible For Return

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