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Xcel partnered with QVC to re-launch the Longaberger brand in November 2019 in order to ensure continued employment for the Dresden, Ohio-based basket-makers and keep the Longaberger legacy alive, with Rachel Longaberger as the television spokeswoman for the brand.

In addition to joining our Longaberger Family program, we’re inviting members of the Longaberger Community to join Q Crew, where you can earn commissions by sharing your favorite QVC products with your friends and family.

Please note that this is a program that is operated independently by QVC, and neither Xcel nor Longaberger are affiliated with Q Crew, nor do we earn commissions for referring people to Q Crew. However, we’re excited to be able to offer the Longaberger community members an additional way to earn money by helping re-build the Longaberger brand.

For more information on Q Crew including submitting an acquisition, please visit the Q Crew Information page at