Classic 8" Cook's Knife


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Whether you're looking to create delicate slices of food with surgical precision, or plow through tough foods in a flash, our 8" Cook's Knife is up to the task. Vital for slicing, trimming, chopping, and dicing, this essential tool delivers clean cuts making prep work fast and easy. The sharp, curved edge is crafted to facilitate a rocking motion from point back for effortless cutting. The wider portion of the blade allows for chopping and separating, while the taper towards the point enhances finer work such as mincing and dicing.  Made from stain-free, high-carbon steel, the cutting edge will retain it sharpness for precision cutting and exceptional results. The Rosewood handle with a secured grip and riveted design will fit comfortably in your hand as you tackle food preparation tasks.  

  • 13.5"l x 3"w x .75"h
  • Made in America
  • Care Instructions: To protect the edge of your knife, store it in a knife rack or holder where it will never touch other utensils. Never store knives in a drawer. Hand wash, rinse, and dry your knives immediately after you finish using them. Never let carbon steel knives rest with debris on them and never let your knives air dry. Doing so will all but guarantee that they'll rust. You may force a carbon steel patina by letting your knife soak in vinegar or by rubbing it with mustard, but the value of this approach is the topic of debate. Some advise applying a light coat of food-safe mineral oil to the blade each time you store it to mitigate the effects of oxygen and moisture in the air. 

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