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White Tartan Basket

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Tartan is a patterned cloth consisting of crisscrossed, horizontal, and vertical bands in multiple colors, forming simple rectangular patterns. The Longaberger basket designers created our beautiful Tartan Plaid Baskets for the holiday season, inspired by traditional Tartan plaids. Just like woven wool tartans, our rectangular basket features a combination of four colors; navy, bold red, white, and bold green, woven together to form a beautiful plaid and two swinging handles. These baskets are ideal for fulfilling all your holiday requirements. Looking for a great spot to keep your holiday cards? Check out this perfect storage solution. Use the Tartan Basket for a festive holiday arrangement or as a buffet caddy for napkins and flatware.

Includes: Basket ONLY

  • 13"L x 9"W x 5.5"H / 9"H with handle
  • Each handcrafted basket features the Longaberger, Dresden, OH, USA burn and the weaver's initials and production year
  • Handcrafted in Dresden, OH
  • Basket Care Instructions: Easily clean basket with a dry brush
The Longaberger Company was established in 1973, continuing the basket-weaving tradition that began in Dresden, OH in 1896. Longaberger is still continuing the art of basket making in the village of Dresden, America's Basketmaking Capital. We welcome you to visit us at our home in Dresden at our General Store located at 600 Main Street. You can then take a walk down to the Workshop to witness the process of basket making and see our skilled artisans at work.