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Blue & Natural Varina Pillow

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Ooh la la! Add the chic and stylish cache of French flair to any interior with the Varina Pillow. Designed to imbue any space with the spirit of Provence’s lavender fields and lovely joie de vivre, with a simple toss of its calming blue and natural striped line ticking a bedroom becomes a boudoir and a living room a salon with the timeless Gallic charm.

  • 16" x 16"
  • Pillows tend to flatten during transit, but these tips should help you get that pillow into its fluffiest shape quickly
  • Once unpacked, gently knead the pillow to help loosen the fibers
  • Throw the pillow in a dryer on a low tumble setting
  • The most important tip is to include a sock stuffed with a tennis ball to help "beat" the pillow into its fluffy form
  • Dry clean only
  • Imported
  • Shipping & Handling Included
  • Not Eligible for Return